Published the 27 ofOctober, 2015 by admin

Artificial Pet Turf Runs For Your Backyard

At SYNLawn Ottawa, our artificial pet turf and synthetic lawn installers believe that cats, dogs and other beloved family pets deserve the freedom to run around and play outside in the backyard without the potential for injuries. In Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Barrhaven, and Orleans, pet turf has become an increasingly popular addition to backyards; given that homeowners can custom create their own enclosed pet turf run, it is easy to maintain, and just as important, does not bring dirt into home. Pet turf can also be installed inside the home for added convenience.

Since more than 60 percent of the homeowners around the world that own artificial grass installations are also dog owners, many of them choose to create a dedicated residential play area in their backyard using pet-friendly synthetic pet turf. In addition, artificial pet lawn installations are typically found in numerous commercial facilities, such as animal hospital offices, vet’s clinics, canine boarding kennels, pet shelters, doggy daycares, cat and dog show auditoriums, and pet training facilities.

Here are some additional benefits of a dedicated backyard pet turf run:

  • Faux pet grass applications look and feel just like real grass, but with none of the tiring maintenance
  • State-of-the-art synthetic grass fibers provide long-lasting performance as well as a stunningly immaculate aesthetic appeal
  • Residential and commercial artificial pet turf applications are designed and constructed to stop animals from digging into the soil and¬†creating a muddy mess
  • Ticks and fleas cannot survive on our artificial pet turf
  • Our Ottawa synthetic pet turf is designed to look perfectly manicured all year round, with no patchy or yellow areas from the sun’s harsh rays
  • SYNLawn artificial grass applications do not require pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, or any other harsh chemical products to keep the area looking clean and pristine
  • Tiny porous holes found throughout the turf’s top layer provide effective drainage for pet urine and rain
  • Our lush, always-green lawn turf is specifically designed to never fade, instead keeping its shiny and eye-catching jade color for many years
  • Artificial pet lawn turf provides a soft, comfortable top layer on which your pets can relax and play to their heart’s content!

All animal owners want their pets to enjoy themselves while at the same time ensuring that they get enough time to play and exercise in a safe and protected space. With many years of experience in the synthetic grass industry, SYNLawn has designed and installed faux lawn products for a vast array of different commercial and residential locations over the years, including sports fields, apartment complexes, public parks, hotel foyers, office buildings, and recreational areas for rooftops, patios & decks.

For commercial and residential spaces in and around Ottawa, our artificial pet turf installation services are second to none! If you would like information about the FREE SYNLawn design and installation consultations we offer, please call our office at 613-794-6688 or toll free at 866-758-7888. Animals of all kinds love our durable and versatile synthetic pet turf installations, contact us online today to find out more!